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ust表記をする際には Saixtr61 でお願いします。 オンマウスで英語表記タイトル。

These usts are made by Saixtr61. When you place cursor over song title, english title will be shown. If you want, I convert Romaji ust into Hiragana ust for you. Feel free to ask me. However I don't convert CV into VCV.
Please do not redistribute the ust

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以下は古いust (TouneSoro186のもの) になります。ピッチ調整等が未熟なものです。このままでも良いのですが、各自で編集をお勧めします。

The following is the old ust (by TouneSoro186). These usts aren't editted well, I recommend to edit yourself.
I may re-edit these ust and add to the above. Please feel free to ask me if you have any editing request.

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